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 Předmět příspěvku: MonetaryExpressTM
PříspěvekNapsal: čtv 14. dub 2011 10:42:23 
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Registrován: ned 14. pro 2008 20:21:52
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MonetaryExpressTM Chinese name (Financial Express)

MonetaryExpressTM is my personal one familiar with the Internet software programming work, since 2000, online simulation of a more well-known family of the forum is a place I often go in there, made many friends, has done a lot of things (events, small, good and bad things are);
Since then, in less than a year's time, "creation", including CashSoldier family of software tools, including a lot of help to complete some of my friends and hobbies, from CashSoldier 1.0,2.0,3.0 to CashSoldier XP Series and off the development of hundreds of companies and related ancillary tools. Part of the software used by the users, because of the adherence tool stable, efficient, easy to use, praised by many users, it is the support of the majority of users, it prompted me to continue to develop new tools. After 2002,
Downturn of the Internet, coupled with his work adjustment, basically they develop new tools, users rarely access and exchange of silence for nearly two years.
The end of 2004, the request should be friends, resumed his contacts to help a friend developed a dozen of related tools, and lessons learned in practice, and finally completed in 2005, the software MonetaryExpressTM; should be said that the software is set in the past I have experience of developing similar software, and many users relevant information and data provided to complete, in this, I am here to thank all gave me the information and data with friends.

MonetaryExpressTM is an analog network browser page and click on the ads of the tool, for resource consumption and efficiency considerations, it does not have to be completely realistic simulation of artificial browse the Web and clicks; but can basically set by the relevant part complete the simulation of human view and click functions; make the site that has real user during operation, the same time, it does not call the IE or other browsers kernel, fully interact with the site through the HTTP protocol, so it belongs to the protocol-level simulator.
MonetaryExpressTM 1.0 version main features:
JS script control process, the new rules do not need to restart the program, to achieve real-time interpretation of available built-in JS call and the IE browser COM object, real-time solution clarity absorb external JS script built-in proxy tools, auto tools for drawing agents built-in proxy authentication features, automatic verification agent availability and automatic classification classification agent (by country)
Automatically configure the proxy by country, language auto-configure the analog information such as browser version control according to the script to complete the CPM, CPC set the action level is set to show display proxy proxy settings click on the national level is set to click proxy proxy settings click the ratio of national (CTR), intelligent control click ratio set number of threads at run time can be changed at any time (all configurations with real-time change function)
Set the number of agents to use the latest set of each agent for each account the number of times a day, you can visit at any time to stop and start the work can be part of the account to import text agent thread list for verification and automatic classification of the basic unlimited number of threads stored (computer configuration and network bandwidth constraints)
Supports HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 proxy
MonetaryExpressTM 1.1 version new features:
Independently ProxyExpress procedures to verify the agency and collected separately from the main program to improve the stability of the discretion to set the proxy authentication server address to increase the support for multiple page address to modify the main interface, the proxy information section of culture, a better understanding of other small Modify
MonetaryExpressTM 2.0 version new features:
SOCKET connection optimization to solve when the number of threads above the 300, the network resource depletion problem proxy authentication configuration changes, more convenient, and the modified real-time updates
MonetaryExpressTM 2.0 plus version new features:
Completely modify the agent reading from the original data field for each account to an agent sharing data field agents, agents used to reduce memory footprint optimization algorithm, increase the use of efficient algorithms (similar to a proxy using the algorithm CACA) configuration, so that network performance tools significantly increase, 50 line test an account of 30 million or more a day show.
Increase the number of tools to hide the functional operation of the interface
MonetaryExpressTM 3.0 official version of the new features:
Comprehensive revision of the kernel API, JS Control API more comprehensive and scientific, and 2.0 increase the previous version of IE browser not compatible with some of the attributes and methods of the object to add custom rules, you can not control the use of JS API, set the keyword under the rules of the new company to complete the operation (similar to CACA early version does not support JS advertising), can support some simple JS code optimization ad DCOM calls, so that greatly reduced memory footprint, improved system stability, breaking the previous version 2.0 of the original 400 thread running 2 days later no response limit the number of days open 800 thread test, the program runs smoothly, no crashes the operating system before the operation each time the increase in the phenomenon of proxy authentication options.
Agency operations increased more features, can be directly read from a text file proxy (automatic classification), increasing agent.
Increase the agency remove unused functions (in the ME memory)
Not verified on the agent (including text file agent) to automatically verify first use (not selected before each operation verification.)
PE increase direct import agent does not validate and ME series of agency library from the previous import agent functions.
Increase the account information copy, paste function, easily set up multiple accounts to increase the time when the curve function of other more ....

Due to various reasons, ME continually updated version, it should be said at that time the industry is keeping up the trend of continuous improvement and enhancements, from 3.0 to 8.0 reached a peak at the time of the environment, can not do barely function. Also due to upgrade frequently, ME's instructions, and other related supporting services has not kept pace, but also because the special nature of the industry, making the ME has no external formal public release, so many people are not familiar with ME do not know, I feel very mysterious. In fact, any tool, the user can not do without the return of the circumstances prompted him to improve. To the ME 10.0 version, due to design limitations, and current technology, ME can not meet the needs of the users at the same time, due to work and other reasons, I have not too much energy on it, therefore, ME10.0 After nearly two years without upgrading, some of which only small changes.

In addition, ME with the enhancements, isolated from a number of other aids, ME is not a simple procedure, but a platform that integrates a proxy search, proxy authentication, agent storage, agent management, remote access to agency focus simulated browsing tools, account management, and other auxiliary tools and a series of collection of tools, in which the kernel extension, the extension of CPM, CPC, PPC, XMLFeed, centralized monitoring, remote background process, and so other tools suite, have a copy function even do a lot of stress testing software. With the function increases, it is difficult to change things at the same time, the earliest ME to only consider the use of a small scale, therefore, is taking the line of technical expertise, and CACA different routes to go generic, configuration management is complex and difficult to properly configure ordinary people optimization, therefore, outside the service I have been to provide a complete, rather than just selling a software is not managed, so the higher the relative price is given, together with encryption protection poor (I think the energy spent on the encryption, it is better spent on how to better the software above), so
Resulting in the market the so-called "piracy", "crack" a great number, What is more binding in the above Trojan, bringing great harm to the average user, but also the tool for me and ME a great deal of influence.

Many friends came out more than once let me illustrate these formal, but the one I am too lazy (otherwise would not have written a set of ME to help me do things), and I did not time and effort early to consider this matter, it has been did not come forward. The adoption of this platform, explain to the big guy, ME in the short term there would be no change, it will not conduct a public sale, basically it is the moratorium on new users, because I think, to a set of users really think good software tools must be able to help him, and now I have no energy to complete, without much energy to provide services, it is better to pause. However, the new ME development being prepared, the As to when to complete, and now I can not be sure, one to technical reasons (the fully upgraded, and everything will be redone and and totally different, a little exaggeration to say that a large part of the browser is completely written, so the technical level is not good grasp), the second time and effort to arrange my own unstable (I have to feed their families and Kazakhstan, have their own work, ME more of his spare time do), so I am not too concerned about whether the bounce.
However, by "Wangzhuan circle" of this platform, I'll be here only news release related to ME, for your questions, I can only say sorry, but have the opportunity to answer, no time and energy, do not scold my big shelf on the line the.

PS: I have been to the ME's offer, if not required here, certainly not by me to do formal

Terms of Service
1, ME not to buy the software package
2, the service fee for one year 20 000
3, one year after the renewals every year 10,000
4, does not provide agents, provided by the buyer at their own
5, free software upgrades, purchase of services, priority notification of new versions of the test and use
6, does not provide technical support to business on behalf of the brush
7, the prohibition to help others obtain the registration code
8, in principle, to provide 5 bound up within the machine
9, to help install the proxy authentication server
10, to help install the proxy data server
11 to help with PE and other supporting software configuration
12, to help the ME software configuration
13, in the ME as far as possible without modifying the case of software, supported by the company code to complete configuration (under normal circumstances, a code is only one
Other buyers own account to modify the template)
14, to provide other relevant parts of the computer so limited support
15, the other author can provide the technology and support in terms of the relevant Wangzhuan
16, a breach of the 6,7 two buyers who have the right to immediately suspend service of have to pay fees refunded
17, the cost Yicijiaoqing without refund

- Kontakt: Email, nebo soukromá zpráva po registraci zde na fóru

 Předmět příspěvku: Re: MonetaryExpress (ME) configuration tutorial (Graphic)
PříspěvekNapsal: čtv 14. dub 2011 14:31:13 
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600+ příspěvků
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Registrován: ned 14. pro 2008 20:21:52
Příspěvky: 2543
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MonetaryExpress (ME) configuration tutorial (Graphic)
For example linkbucks

Configuration ME
1. Extract the downloaded me to the folder. Run
2. Running after me point account - increased import configuration --- --- into account to download configuration linkbucks
3. Edit link. Figure after import
1_show_mop.jpeg [ 36 KiB | Zobrazeno 9961 krát ]

The link at the ad code into your generated inside linkbucks redirect link. Web page link configuration in the reference was changed to generate your link (note two must change! ~

4. To modify the advanced configuration before clicking the above delay is set to 15 seconds. (Recommendation 30 seconds)
5. To modify the menu bar - Tools - Global configuration of proxy authentication address: [url] http://www.hooio.com/proxyheader.php [/ url]
6. At this point set already. Save and then run the way .... Click link to add to the mix a few more .. Money, doubling up on ... ha ha ...

I was asked not see any click ... click on the fact inaccurate. Want to see the show click on the check successfully is displayed under the link you can click on a bar! ~

Run effect diagram is as follows:
2_show_mop.jpeg [ 79.29 KiB | Zobrazeno 9961 krát ]

Note: This tutorial, make friends for the majority of the release of the issues raised. Then a few additions:

One. Many make friends did not reflect the hang click. Please check the following reasons:

1. Check if this procedure done! ~ With my long-range look at a few irons off the assembly line configuration, according to the above requirements have not done a lot! ~ Did not even change the link .. help me brush, huh ..... :)

2. Download link a few windows cracked software. Crack links to more than 1,000 the number of settings. Click here to download

3. In the site download the agent comes with most of ME which had expired .. need to add the proxy into. ME directory with proxy Express (PE). Can be used to collect agent. We can also go to the Internet (recommended agent in China ) adsorption agent to find some tools. to find an agent with the agent Express (PE) validation, re-read in the ME POINT ME agent can be automatically added. Every day the number of Money, brush, agent is the key! ~

4. So much for my brush with the agent of the tutorial here ... If you do, definitely you can brush it! ~ If there is no way I will not brush! ~ A master-entry, cultivation is due to the time .... between this method is no longer any answer! ~ will not use the following method:

(1) requirements:

1. Dynamic IP
2. To understand the basis of that Wangzhuan
3. Have the patience (do not want to fall in your lap to come)

(2) the specific practices:

Download the following two software:



Extract the two software. To redirect you to do 30 on the connection folder replication and 2008B 2008A The WEB inside, you can hang, and open the 2008a in the hy, opening the four, and then opened 2008b, point to open a mfs, set me time, and we linked directly to it!

Setting the correct methods and techniques:
HP29-30 time of MFS is 24-25
HP Open four MFS Open a link when the options are to fight HP ditch together. Advanced options MFS all play the same groove, do not hang out all the time put the hook removed, so as not to affect the Internet if they feel that only 0.15 less 1 hour landing Create Links to sites
Zaiqu Na connections! Link to Convert: This write http://www.baidu.com write http://www.google.cn can
Landing Page Content is: this election Adult18 +
Ad Type: This option intermission
Alias ​​URL: key money here, slow to change if they feel that what the inside was replaced with another point of Ge nerate Link can get a new connection and then copy the text 30. MFS into the HP and then set the correct minimum of 1 hour and 0.2 U.S. dollars (In rare cases where site issues)

(((Brush 4 times a day for the connection)))

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